Examity Proctoring

Examity currently offers automated proctoring. Identity verification and proctoring is completed through an automated process. Exam sessions are recorded (via webcam and screen-sharing) and then later reviewed by a proctor.

With this simple overview in mind, please review the detailed materials and instructions below before getting started with Examity.


Please use the following documents to get Examity set up in your Canvas course and to communicate with students:

  • Instructions for faculty to get started with Examity (UDPATED 5/1/2020, 3pm)
  • Language that faculty can use to communicate with students about Examity (PDF versionWord version) (updated 3/13/2020, 11am)
  • Automated Proctoring Test-Taker Resource Center – Students should click on Canvas in the Student Guides box on the left side of the page and also watch the Walkthrough Video. Site includes Test-taker Guide, computer requirements, instructions for creating Examity profile, a troubleshooting guide, and a video showing the test-taker experience with automated proctoring.
  • Further guidance can be found here at the Keep Teaching site.
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