Examity Proctoring

Live proctoring with Examity is only available for use by virtual (V) courses. Faculty teaching eligible courses will be contacted by ATS staff prior to the start of the quarter. Questions can be directed to onlineproctoring@ucdavis.edu.

Examity offers online live exam proctoring, which consists of students completing an exam while being observed and recorded via screenshare and webcam by a professional proctor. This service is intended for high-stakes exams only. Faculty are strongly encouraged to consider alternatives to proctored online exams to assess students. Ideas and recommendations can be found on the Testing page and the Testing Alternatives page.

With this simple overview in mind, please review the detailed materials and instructions below before getting started with Examity.


Please use the following documents to set up Examity in your Canvas course and to communicate with students:

If you have additional questions about setting up Examity for your course, please contact onlineproctoring@ucdavis.edu. If you would like to learn about other ways to create flexible learning experiences for students, review the information in the Teaching and Testing sections in the Keep Teaching site.