LTI App Requests

Requesting a New LTI App

LTI App Status and Requests

One of the most powerful features of the UC Davis Canvas learning management system (LMS) is its extensibility. It is possible to improve functionality by adding LTI apps and eTextbooks. The Edu App Center lists more than 200 tools.

Tools must be vetted

With this power comes increased risk. Student and instructor information flows between the LMS and the external tools. Some tools reach back into Canvas to create assignments, or to post grades. This tight integration exposes UC Davis faculty and students to the risk of having their personal information compromised or having campus systems hacked.

To mitigate this risk, we vet external tools before adding them to UC Davis Canvas. We evaluate each tool for security, FERPA compliance, ADA compliance, and legal responsibility, should a problem arise. 

Finding your App

If you are looking for an external learning tool to use with UC Davis Canvas, please check our LTI status page. It lists all LTI Apps and publishers that have been requested for integration with UC Davis Canvas.

If neither the tool nor an acceptable substitute is available, then you can request it. We will add the tool you’re requesting to the LTI App status page, and begin the process of adding it.

Using the LTI status page

Searching the LTI status page is designed to be easy. You can use the tags to search for tools by type; the search bar, to search by name; or just scroll through the list. The current state of each tool is indicated by the progress bar: Requested, In Review, Approved/Disapproved, Installed/Get Started.

You can also click on each tool for more information about what it does, and how to start using it (if it has been approved).